List of Sites for Selling and Buying Online Leads

Are you a broker, insurer, lender, bank or other entity in need of potential buyers interested in your products and services? Or are you an online lead generator? Do you run a website that with a certain number of customers you are unable to help? Why not turn these into revenue by selling these leads to companies looking to buy leads?

Included below, is a list of lead exchanges that bring buyers and sellers of leads together:


LeadPoint is a business-to-business exchange that brings together buyers and sellers of leads together on their secure platform. The company has a real-time platform allowing buyers to purchase freshly acquired leads. The company prescreens lead sellers. Currently operating in a limited set of industry vericals but plans to expand to others in the near term. Real-time Demand Creates Real-time Results


LeadX provides an open market where sales leads can be bought and sold in real time, while still "hot". Transcation types include voice, data xml/rss, video/audio content, and click-throughs. Live Exchanges—the Customer Goes Cold


EquiLeads is focused exclusively on the mortgage leads industry. Each lead is sold up to 3 times for $25 per lead. The leads drop in price every 24-36 hours so buyers can get a discount on older leads (as low as $3 per lead). Our Mortgage Leads are 100% Guaranteed!


Leadpile runs an auction-based lead exhange program that brings together interested parties in real-time. Sellers submit leads onto the Leadpile platform directly using their own lead-capture tools with the "http post" method. Sellers can sell leads up to 3 times. Buyers can choose batch delivery of leads by using pre-defined filters for daily volume and maximum price willing to pay. Over 2.5 Million Leads Exchanged in 2007

Root Exchange

Root Exchange, a division of Root Markets, offers a marketplace for for buying and selling consumer intentions, or leads. Their aim is to create the transparency and integrity of a commodities exchange for leads. Buyers can create quality filters and receive real-time quotes while sellers can set ask prices and increase their sales pool instantly. Integrity, Transparency and Quality

Cleared and Delivered

Cleared and Delivered Trade Leads Exchange has a deep category structure with over 1,100 industry categories. Designed for small to mid-sized business, the company has over 200,000 standing offers to buy. Cleared and Delivered not only serves the domestic U.S. market but international markets as well. Increase Revenue and Penetrate New Markets specializes in real-time, internet insurance leads for health, life, home and auto insurance needs. The website is not a leads exchange rather a place to purchase insurance leads only. All leads are generated from their website: Ultimate Source of Internet Insurance Leads

Auto Lead Exchange (ALE)

Auto Lead Exchange (ALE) has technology infrastructure to deliver referral information to auto dealerships in the U.S. Their service enables dealerships to purchase leads at wholesale prices, when and how they want, on a pay-per-lead or subscription basis. Strength through Technology and Partnerships

active prospect

active prospect's LeadConduit exchange creates a marketplace for their existing service clients to buy and sell leads. The sellers are existing customers that have been pre-qualified to prevent fraudulent exchanges. Lead Acquisition Management buys and sell leads based on local and subject-based categorization. Pricing is based on a cost-per-click or cost-per-lead basis. By eliminating the need for complex and expensive online marketing infrastructures and large teams of experts, makes Internet marketing available to businesses of all sizes. Enhanced Clicks & Leads


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