Does Email Marketing Really Work?

By Taff Jones

How many times have you heard the edict "The Money Is in the List"? Those marketers with large lists sell more products and make more profits. So why have you not started building your list. The question that gets asked over and over is "Does Email Marketing really work?" The statement and the question really are one and the same thing. Of course email marketing works if it is done properly.

There is little doubt that one of the major benefits of selling online is that you can provide a far more personalized service than you could in a conventional offline business. The beauty is that unlike the high street shop or office you cannot interact with your visitors except when they visit your establishment. Email on the other hand can communicate at any time, wherever the visitor may be. You do not need face to face interaction.

At this point the visitor has liked what was found on your website and actually signed up for your free report or email course and is inviting you to communicate further with them. For you, this is the opportunity to make some sales, however, there is an art to creating a relationship with your list member or potential customer by email and some ideas on developing this relationship are listed below.

1. Frequency to issue emails

This is a variable that many marketers will argue about. It is a personal decision that you will make for yourself. If you are one of those individuals who like receiving emails from a website on a daily basis, you may well think that it would be a norm, but, there are many people that hate the daily email and would be happy with a less frequent delivery - twice a week, once a week, or even once a month. You will find out soon enough if you deliver daily and get a lot of people unsubscribing, you definitely need to slow down your issues. On average most marketers issue their email messages twice a week, and this is probably the way to start.

2. Provide good information

Don't send junk information as this will get the unsubscribe link activated very quickly. The information needs to be relevant to the subject of your website or possibly subjects that interact with your subject. The "maybe this would be of interest to you" type of approach shows your interest in them as individuals who are interested in subjects similar to yourself.

2. Don't cram offers down their throat

The fastest way to get them to unsubscribe is to cram product offers in your emails. Most people have experience of joining a list and getting daily emails, and in some instances twice daily emails, with a special offer you must buy now before the price goes up. Please do not follow this method. You have worked hard to grow your list. Don't kill it in an instant of insanity. Offers need to be introduced as a part of an overall strategy. Free information will keep them interested for a couple of messages, then the sales pitch when presented would seem to fall into the "more" information category instead of the "buy now" pitch.

4. Invite comments, ideas, thoughts from them - interact.

Always invite comments from your list member. Do they like the information that you are providing? Do they like the format of your messages? Have they any suggestions for improving what you are providing. A good interaction with your list will pay dividends later on.

In dealing with your list members, the key is to gain their trust. They will come to think that you are the expert in your subject or niche market. They will even recommend you to their friends. A good responsive list will provide you with profits over and over again. Email marketing is certainly not dead.

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