If You Do Nothing Else

By Michael Thompson Jr

If you were to take an industry wide survey of all successful internet marketers, and ask them what the number one asset of their business is. What is the one asset they could not live without, I guarantee you would get ONE answer! THE LIST!

Without a doubt it is THE number one asset in any successful internet business, and should be the primary foundation upon which you build your business.

When you build a targeted and responsive list, you literally have the power to create profits on demand.

Building your opt-in list is the best method of capitalizing on the traffic that you send to your website, and converting that traffic into sales.

Internet Marketing Tidbit #1:

It is a cold hard fact, that the vast majority of traffic you drive to your website will NOT buy what you are selling, no matter how convincing your sales copy is.

Most internet marketers are ecstatic with 3%-5% conversion rates, which are pretty high. Well what happens to the other 95% of website visitors that leave your website but still have an interest in what you have to offer?

You must begin earning their trust, and build a relationship with your website visitors. It is a well known fact whether it's direct marketing or internet marketing, over 80% of sales are made between the 5th to 10th contact with a potential customer.

That is a factual metric of marketing and will NEVER change.

Based on these facts, if you don't have a list building mechanism plugged into your marketing and sales process, you are literally throwing dollars away.

You might as well make a pile in the middle of your living room, and start a bonfire.

Every list building mechanism starts and ends with a dependable auto responder, so make sure you do your research and find a reputable autoresponder program, with good deliverability to plug into.

Once you've got a good autoresponder, now you need to create your messages. Your messages should do a couple of things, firstly they should inform your prospect about the product or service your selling, then there should be some sort of call to action that you want your subscriber to take.

Once you've created your messages, now your ready to create your capture/squeeze page. Your capture page should start with an enticing headline, followed by a convincing bullet list, and then the call to action. Which should be for that website visitor to opt in to your list through your web form.

You should offer some kind of incentive for a visitor to become a subscriber. You can offer a free report, a product sample, a free consultation, anything that will give that prospect an incentive to giving you their contact information

Once they've opted in, then the fortune is in the follow up as they say. The follow up allows you to build trust, and rapport with your subscribers. They will learn to value your recommendations, which in turn leads to more profits for you.

Any online business starts and ends with a profitable, responsive list, no list, no business.

Michael Thompson is a trainer and consultant, and has been operating his home based marketing business full time for 5 years. He offers training (

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